S. Sturgis – “In A Haze”

S. Sturgis

Category: Noise
Album: In A Haze

For those not “in the know,” Scott Sturgis is the mind behind Pain Station and Converter, as well as other projects, such as this one.

This is a CD of a live performance recorded early last year. It speaks more so to the electronic side of Mr. Sturgis’ work, forgoing the experimental side of Converter in favor of a more loopy electronic soundscape of glitchy noise, drums, and droning squeals of sound, providing an excellent internal soundtrack. It is not a catchy or fun listen, by any means, but rather interesting and complex way in which Mr. Sturgis goes about his creations leave you interested in the proceedings without it blurring into a monotonous haze.

Over the six tracks, you are led quickly through a world of ever-changing, engrossing material. This is suitable background music that tantalizes the mind instead of just providing noise to fill the empty space.

Sturgis would be best served to segue his musical abilities into the film industry, where his style and way with cutting notes would find a great home in the cinematic realm.

Regardless, with the exception of Pain Station, which was never a good stylistic fit, Scott Sturgis seems to set the bar in most areas he places his creative foot into. With the ingenuity of this project as well as the one-upping of powernoise by Converter, you are left to wonder what will spring next from his mind.


from ReGen Magazine (~2/2005)