Sunterra – “Lost Time”


Lost Time
(WAB Productions)

“I’ve got something I want you to hear,” I told my friend Cathi. Unlike my other dork friends, whose tastes run more towards the eclectic and the banal, classical moreso than industrial, Cathi’s interests are in metal. More specifically, she knows quite a bit about black metal. “What is it?” she asked as I put the CD in the player, smiling. “You’ll see.”

“Fields Of Pain” began with the cawing of a crow. “Oh my God…” she muttered before the song began blaring pan flute. “Zamfir should really pick better projects,” I tell her as the metal riffs chime in like clockwork. During the second track, “Lost Time”, she insists that I either stop the CD or change the track. I oblige the latter and we last for another two minutes of “To A Friend” before we have to stop.

“Want me to copy it for you? Bring it by your house?” I joke. “If you do, I’ll shoot you on sight.”

I can’t blame her. I didn’t necessarily need someone to really tell me this band isn’t good, but it’s nice to have confirmation that this music isn’t even acceptable within the grimy constraints of black metal. No matter how Scandinavian a band may be, it’s still not much excuse for this combination of typical metal, flute, keyboards, overwrought growl-y male vocals, and shrieking operatic female background vocals.

Sure, maybe you’re into the goth-metal thing, but I still really can’t see this as inspiring. At best, it’s mildly amusing. At worst, this CD might give you herpes.

After listening, consult a physician if itching, swelling, or painful urination occur.


from IndustrialnatioN Magazine #19